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that while america has turned over security to the iraqis, iraq is not secure. >>> facts of life. new insight into america's health. we are living longer, and the death rates for major diseases are falling. >>> dirty dealers. extraordinary undercover video reveals just how easy it is to buy a gun illegally. >>> and, sour notes. the proud members of the truly terrible orchestra, and the the proud members of the truly terrible orchestra, and the music they make. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good evening. we begin tonight with two stories literally about life and death. we have new insight into the state of america's health. we are living longer than ever. there are advances against major diseases. minorities enjoy better health, and we'll get to that in a moment. but we also got a reminder that sudden death at the hands of terrorists is still a reality in iraq. a wave of explosions throughout baghdad killed nearly 100 people and injured hundreds more today. and the 130,000 u.s. troops in that country could do little to help. under the terms of the security agreement, demanded by the iraqi
says president obama is trying to change america, but maybe not the change you bargained for. outspoken conservative actor jon voight will be here to tell us why he's become so involved and he'll give us his take on health care reform. and they're one of the top christian music bands in the world, but recording platinum albums and selling out concerts not their only job. they're also youth counselors who try to keep teenagers on the right path. grammy award winning casting crowns purchase one of their biggest hits here on the show tonight. well, this weekend, funeral services were held for senator ted kennedy and with his burial, the end of a long and storied senate career. though there were many controversy over the issues in his personnel life, he was true to his personnal political convictions, he didn't try to reinvent himself with each owe lex or poll and proudly proclaimed himself a liberal when most ran from the label. i respect people who are honest in their own political leanings far more than those who change with the season. no one can accuse ted kennedy of campaigning differ
limbaugh will join me. don't miss tomorrow night's episode. from new york, good, america. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute^ bret: next on "special report" the president decides against the shakeup at the federal reserve. was dick cheney right all along about the value of enhanced interrogation techniques? we will show you the evidence so far. we report. you decide. you haven't heard about a terrorist plot against this country following 9/11. new details tonight. and democrats denounce organized resistance to healthcare reform. wait until you see what's coming this week. all that, plus the all-star panel, right here, right now. welcome to washington. i'm bret bret. on a day when a pair of economic forecasts paint a picture of exploding deficits, mounting debt andizing unemployment, america's top banker is getting a vote of confidence. major garrett reports on the p president's decision to keep the head of the federal reserve on the payroll. >> the man next to me, ben bernanke, has led the fed through one of th
and then continue? >> i agree with you. i hold no for much of the practices of the insurance companies in america. don't get me wrong. we have to fix the pre-existing condition situation and we don't shout at my town hall meetings. i agree with you. we have to address the issue of people with pre-existing conditions, people who are unable to attain health care insurance and we should do it through risk pools and it is going to cost money. go ahead. >> and the other thing is, mayo clinic that you talked about having good practices is one of the ones that president obama has cited as being the type of medical facility that we should pattern our health care reform on. >> they just don't agree with his proposals. go ahead. >> they suggest some of the same things that the mayo clinic is doing and i have some experience with the mayo clinic. my husband, who was on medicare, chose to stay on regular medicare. so he had the choice of going to mayo. i chose an hmo with medicare. i am wondering, when we have that choice with our government-provided medicare, why are so many people opposed to a government-p
america's coastline? captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> and good morning to you again this morning. i'm diane sawyer in times square. robin is on assignment on this thursday, august 27th. and chris cuomo is anchoring our coverage from hyannisport, massachusetts. chris, good morning. any signs the family is stirring this morning? >> good morning, diane. i don't think i've ever been able to say this before, but the kennedy compound is quiet. and talking to family members, from youngest to oldest yesterday, they all remember teddy the same way. he was there for them always. and now, they are make sure they are there for him. the family is literally, taking shifts, holding vigil, over teddy's body, making sure the man who they love is never alone. even in the final moments, he showed his strength. >> there was a certain peace there that was absolutely beautiful. >> reporter: now, loved ones are gathering at the family compound to mourn and celebrate. >> that's what we're going to do in the next few days. celebrate his life, a wonderful life. >> reporter: a family who played in the surf wh
>>> good morning, america. this morning, a brand-new abc news poll show nows more than half of americans approve of president obama's health care plan. is the president about to go into gladiator mode to get it passed? >>> outrage at the heroes welcome the lockerbie bomber receives after his release. we asked, why did great britain do this? >>> storm surge. the latest on the path of the giant hurricane, bill. >>> stalled on the highway. some popular foreign cars are suddenly just shutting down in traffic. an exclusive "gma" investigation. and this morning, a recall. >>> and need more sleep? 70 million of us do. and our team here at abc puts the latest solutions to the and our team here at abc puts the latest solutions to the test. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> and good morning, america. i'm diane sawyer, here with david muir this morning. robin is away. chris is away this friday, august 21st, 2009. and there's a tsunami of outrage, pours over great britain this morning. >> all of the pictures pouring in. a hero's welcome for the bomber of the lockerbie pan am flight. al
. jimmy paige. you broke a string. good morning, america. >> good morning. it is sunday, august 23rd. >> yes. >>> despite big rains, pounding surf. looks like we dodged a bullet, new england dodged a bullet. hurricane bill, the first hurricane of the season is heading towards canada, safely offshore. there are ramifications. tropical storm warnings to talk about. we'll bring you the latest, coming up. >>> also, the wildly popular cash for clunkers program comes to an end tomorrow. pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into the economy. sparked the flailing auto industry. but it's had a positive ripple effect on another industry. we'll tell you what you might call a secondary stimulus. >>> also, the international manhunt under way for the reality tv star, who was accused of murdering his ex-wife and former "playboy" model. investigators think he has fled the country. we'll have details on that. >>> also, cutting-edge medical equipment. really cool. giving people in small towns access to a big city doctor without leaving their hospital. it's a robo doc. >>> first, we want to get the l
>>> good morning, america. and this morning, stunning, new video of the gym shooter. "gma" uncovers another video of george sodini. this time, at a controversial dating seminar. what does it tell us about the killer? >>> the new swine flu rules. the government releases new guidelines, suggesting three shots this year. but is it safe? >>> a sister's celebration. lisa ling tells us how her sister is coping after months in captivity. and what really happened in north korea. >>> and a triple-play in the park. three of the biggest stars from "american idol" perform live in three of the biggest stars from "american idol" perform live in our summer concert series. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> and good morning, everyone. alongside chris cuomo, i'm robin roberts. diane is off, on this friday, august 7th. and we continue to learn more about the man who opened fire on an aerobics class earlier this week. >> we have a team of reporters looking into this. insight into him will help going forward. and this is a relationship class. a tough-love tutorial, with him participating. >> this, as t
to add to make it workable for america's businesses and taxpayers for more than just one year. i think there's a lot more work that has to be done to get this right. having said that, we have to do something. we know the current system, the status quo is unacceptable for businesses and for people that pay for insurance. dave: the president has stated that there's some type of right-wing conspiracy, that that's the trouble in passing this health care legislation ex-said that on this radio show last week so what do you make of that assumption that there's a right-wing conspiracy when he has trouble with people in his own party like yourself? >> well, i don't think, first of all, that president obama has trouble with democrats or republicans. think we have to get a system that's workable, affordable for businesses, for individuals that pay a lot of money for health insurance for their families, and for taxpayers that collect -- picking up a very big tab for medicare and medicaid. think there are people on the left and right that have their very strong, philosophical views, of what needs
. >> in robert bork's america, there is no room at the inn for blacks and no place in the constitution for women. and in our america, there should be no seat on the supreme court for robert bork. and i urge the committee and senate to reject the nomination of mr. bork. >> so the vote 58-42 against robert bork. his nomination to the u.s. supreme court has been defeated. >> i want to sign a civil rights bill. i will not sign a quota bill. >> quota schmotas. foet iquotas are not the issue. job discrimination is the issue. >> senator kennedy eloquently said quota schmota. and he predicts a veto will be overwritten. >> time to provide equal opportunity to women and minorities no ifs, ands and buts, and no water-downed compromises either. >> president bush is ready to this country unilaterally into war in the persian gulf without the support of the country and without the support of the american people. i feel like i have to wind myself up just to get out of bed. then...well... i have to keep winding myself up to deal with the sadness, the loss of interest, the trouble concentrating, the lack of energ
read it earlier. the america i know and love is not one in which my parents or baby with down syndrome will have to stand in front of obama's death penalty for she calls itself as bureaucrats can decide whether they are worthy of healthcare. such a system is downright evil. doesn't hurt republicans of her statements like that made by a former public and governor of alaska? the tensions entitled to say it anyway she wants to and that's what america is about is letting people speak their mind. i think the3ik.2u-'fkñ]suñb'!1 when i was told i had diabetes, i felt amazingly boxed in. (announcer) joe uses the contour meter from bayer. (joe) my meter absolutely adapts to me and my lifestyle. i'm joe james, and being outside of the box is my simple win. (announcer) now available in five vibrant colors. >> julie: from humble beginnings in a new york housing market to the united states supreme court, justice sonia sotomayor reaching the peak of her profession today as she was sworn in to sit on the nation's highest court. >> under the constitution and laws of united states. >> so help me god.
going on in america? we'll converse that and trying to make health care fun, i think it's worth it. we've got comedians, we will make health care accessible and fun for america if it's the last thing we do. there's going to be like a magic trick. we're back after this. his coat is incredibly shiny and soft and very thick. everybody thinks he's the most handsome cat they've ever seen. [ woman announcing ] purina one for indoor cats... unlocks the brilliance of nature... with a natural fiber blend that helps minimize hairballs... and maintain a healthy weight. [ laurie ] he's a character. he brings so much laughter into this household. and he's the best-lookin' cat there is. [ announcer ] it's amazing what one can do. we're shopping for car insurance, and our friends said we should start here. good friends -- we compare our progressive direct rates, apples to apples, against other top companies, to help you get the best price. how do you do that? with a touch of this button. can i try that? [ uckles ] wow! good luck getting your remote back. it's all right -- i love this channel. shoppin
. >> yes and no and that everything that works well in america, the best stuff we get from capitalism. free markets. you talk about the boss and the people pleasing the boss, and you view it in politics from being a politician. i do it as a consumer reporter from businesses trying to please their customers. that's the ultimate accountability. we can only elect you once every four years. we can change the company we buy things from every two seconds. it's that motivation that makes things better. and i'm sorry i forgot the question what was going with that. but if we apply more about healthcare, we would see it in the few areas of healthcare for people pay for things himself. plastic surgery, basic eye surgery. races are coming down, quality are going up and the doctor gives out his e-mail address and cell phone number because he's looking to please the customer. it's good. >> mike: one of the things that gets talked about a lot in the insurance debate is really why does the individual have the policy owned by the employer rather than by the employee? >> at the left over from world war ii an
, america. >> good morning. it is saturday, august 22nd. >> we're hoping luck holds when it comes to hurricane bill. there's a shot from space. a storm as big as texas. looks like it may veer north and not hit the east coast directly. but it is still likely to produce heavy rains, dangerous rip currents. we have marysol out on long island. stephanie sy up in massachusetts. we'll bring you the latest, coming up. >>> also this morning, could you ever forgive someone responsible for the death of a loved one? we've heard a lot of outrage in the last few days from some of the families of the lockerbie bombing victims after the bomber was set free in libya. others have forgiven him. and they say it's helped them come to grips with the tragedy. we're going to explore the roots of forgiveness and whether it works. >>> also on the topic of forgiveness, green bay packer fans will never forgive brett favre for suiting up for the minnesota vikings last night, hatred will be white-hot for many years to come. after a very controversial week. all the drama he played for a all of two minutes on t
america. robert kennedy challenged our america. and our teddy changed america. >> people have called teddy and me the odd couple. which was certainly true. >> two of senator kennedy's closest friend, orrin hatch of utah, and christopher dodd of connecticut share their personal memories. plus, senator maria cantwell of washington on the post kennedy health care debate in congress. and exclusive interview with robert f. kennedy, jr. and in our "american dispatch", the kennedy connection to boston sports dynasty. i talk to the president and ceo, larry luccino. four years now since hurricane katrina devastated the gulf coast. mary landrieu gets the last word. >>> a champion for those who had none. a man who never stopped trying to right wrongs. and someone who wasn't perfect but believed in redemption. just a few of the sentiments expressed at the funeral of senator edward kennedy in boston yesterday. president obama led the nation in saying good-bye to the 77-year-old senator laid to rest by brothers john and robert. hear the reflections on the senator's life and work, senator orrin hatch of
>>> good morning, america. breaking news, as former president bill clinton arrives in north korea. a high-stakes missionoe two, american journalists facing 12 years and hard labor. >>> running on empty. is this the last day to turn that clunker into cash? will the program stall out in the senate? >>> ten seconds of terror. passengers tell us about the moment their packed jetliner dropped like a stone. we answer your questions about turbulence. >>> as children head back to school, we have the swine flu survival kit. >>> and does air conditioning turn you into a popsicle? is this a female thing? we take a stand on our hot is this a female thing? we take a stand on our hot topics this morning. captions paifor by abc, inc. >>> and good morning, america. i'm diane sawyer, with chris cuomo. robin is on assignment, on this august 4th, 2009. and everyone has been thinking all along, who could sweep into north korea? who could gain the american journalists? >> the answer is presidentill clinton. he landed in the capital today. >> it's an extraordinary mission, as you say, because of the hi
, republican sarah palin wrote the america i know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with down syndrome will have to stand in front of obama's death panel. so his bureaucrats can decide whether they are worthy of health care. such a system is downright evil. in his weekly address, president obama fired back at opponents. >> and let me start by dispelling the outlandish rumors that reform will promote euthanasia or cut medicaid or bring about a government takeover of health care. that's simply not true. >> this week the president heads to new hampshire for a town hall meeting on health care. later, he'll visit montana, home state of max baucus, a key democrat trying to negotiate a deal on health care reform. elaine quijano, cnn, the white house. >> and of course, we do want to hear your thoughts on health care. send us your i-reports at >>> president obama holding talks at the top of the hour with the leaders of canada and mexico. the north american summit taking place in guadalajara is focusing on the fight against swine flu. plus regional trade issues and the drug
this past week and i will show you why israel's security is crucial to our own safety right here in america. >> christian contemporary stars point of grace will be here to perform a beautiful song about the relationships between fathers and daughters. >> there have been great moments in sports history. when athletes guaranteed something. do you remember the legendary story of babe ruth pointing toward center field, promising he would hit a home run, and he did? or when new york jets cornerback joe namath stunned the sports world with this guarantee that the jets would beat the baltimore colts in the super bowl. super bowl iii. of course it doesn't always work out like a storybook. in the 2000 nba playoffs, your next-door after doing guaranteed his team would beat the indiana pacers in game six and keep their season alive. ewing missed his last six shots and the pacers won the game and the series. >> this week, president obama pointed his bat at the congress. and he gave it residential guarantee. >> i guarantee you, joe, we're going to get healthcare reform done. speed can the challenge for
the succeed in business without really charging your customers a dime. steve hartman's "assignment america." captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> mitchell: good evening, katie is off tonight. a lot of weekend plans are about to be ruined up and down the atlantic coast, all because of a storm that's going to stay hundreds of miles offshore. hurricane bill has been downgraded from a category 4 to a category 2. forecasters expect it to turn northeast and pass between bermuda and the u.s. in the next few days. but a hurricane does not have the to score a direct hit to cause trouble. in this case, flooding, rough waves and rip currents along the east coast could be on the way. here's kelly wallace. >> reporter: for millions of east coast beach goers like these at rockaway beach on the edge of new york city, this is as close as they're going to get to the water this weekend. >> you know about no swimming today, right? >> reporter: swimming banned at beaches along much of the east coast due to hurricane bill's might. >> we're biting our bottom lips and
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always tell a story, and here in mexico, that story is the war raging on america's doorstep. being fought for the right to supply america's demand for illegal drugs. a war becoming more violent, more ruthless, mostly because of one group. to even begin to understand that violence, come with me. here in a barrio in the southern mexican city of veracruz. imagine, if you will, a band of special forces, green beret soldiers go rogue and offer their services and their firepower to the drug cartels. well, that's precisely what's happened in mexico. in the 1990s, commandos from the mexican army deserted and set up their own cartel, known as the los zetas. the los zetas, a group that the u.s. government now says is the most technologically advanced, sophisticated and dangerous cartel, operating in mexico. and this is an example of some of their most recent work. until not so long ago, this was the home to a local police commander. promoted just two months before. and at 5:00 a.m. one morning, two cars pulled up in these streets. eight or nine gunmen got out, armed with assault rifles and 40 milli
back home. tonight, one of america's closest allies rejects the accusations that it struck a deal to free the lockerbie bomber and reaction from the former leader of the investigation, here in the u.s. >> a present inferno. fire consumes a kentucky prison in the midst of a massive riots. now investigators want to know how the prison descended into chaos. >> plus a victim of its own success. as the cash for clunkers program speeds to its monday cut off, folks across the country are racing to the dealer hoping for a last minute bargain. but some are finding out it's already too late. >> julie: a "fox news" whether alerts. the first atlantic hurricane of the season for the off the east coast tonight churning up rough seas and recurrence. hurricane bill will likely not make landfall here in the u.s. but it is still packing or the forceful winds reaching up to 85 mph. it is ruining one of the last vacation weekends of the summer. one of the states being hit forces of massachusetts. resident obama is traveling there tomorrow with his family. the obama specification on barthes vineyard.
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of the big payday are irresistible. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good morning, america. >> good morning. it is saturday, august 22nd. >> folks along the east coast, hoping for a little luck. trying to avoid this. take a look. goofy name, hurricane bill. impressive size. storm the size of texas. very powerful, making its way toward the east coast. look likes we'll avoid a direct hit. but it is likely to produce heavy rains, dangerous rip currents. and marysol live on long island. we also have a report further up the coast coming up in just a moment. >>> also this morning, could you ever forgive someone responsible for the death of a loved one. we've heard a lot of outrage in the last few days from some of the families of the lockerbie bombing victims after the bomber was set free in libya. others have forgiven him. and they say it's helped them come to grips with everything and dealing with the tragedy. we're going to explore the roots of forgiveness and whether it works. >>> also on the topic of forgiveness, green bay packer fans will never forgive brett favre for suiting up for the min
america is winning the war in afghanistan. what about afghan people? do they sense that things are getting better, worse, or it's just the way it's been for generations? >> well, i deal with people who are the most vulnerable people, who are hurt left and right. they lose their homes, they are struck by poverty and all that. their winning is totally different than the winning that we are talking about. what they want is taken for granted in the rest of the world. what they want, a comfortable life, a little school, a little clinic next door, fresh water. this is their winning. i am optimistic that one day, people will win that and we'll be able to get this for the people for the majority. >> so if there's one thing that for you, and again, dealing with the most vulnerable people, one thing that the united states could do differently that would help the families you're dealing with achieve those things, a little education, a little food, a little employment, a little fresh, good water, what could the united states do to make that better for you? >> more concentration on those people who hav
and get something done. >> canada is actually america's largest trading partner. what about the controversy over the buy american provision. >> this is coming to a head. not only hurting canada but hurting american. let me explain the canadian hurt first. under the stim tim bill all iron and teal and marfed goods have to be bought in america. meaning purchased there. that shuts out the canadians. it is shutting out some u.s. businesses who can't figure out if components that they have built elsewhere can be used in the self same infrastructure projects. canadian business representatives and u.s. business representatives are appealing to the white house to do something about the buy america. that will not happen. both countries are stuck and people are losing jobs on both sides of the border. major garrett in mexico. live from guadalajara. >> judging by recent events. the issue is striking a nerve with the american people. we have heard simple discussion there is also this. . >> it is coming out of my paycheck? >> not all civil. lawmakers holding town hall meetings to talk he
continues to fascinate, even in her role as america's chief diplomat. and there is a good reason for it. it is extremely rare to find the chief political rival of a candidate has been offered a high post in his cabinet. that might be a feature of the european political system, but in america, it is rare. in fact, one probably has to go back 150 years to find a parallel. and the parallel is quite striking. then the republican party's front runner from the state of new york, a seasoned politician with much experience, was william henry seward. but the party chose to pass over him in favor of a one-term congressman from illinois, with the reputation for soaring rhetoric and idealism, a man named abraham lincoln. lincoln then goes and appoints seward his secretary of state. so also the seasoned hillary lost out to a newcomer from illinois and obama appointed her secretary of state. but almost everything else is different today. the secretary of state was once the unrivaled architect of american foreign policy, but now he or she competes with the secretary of defense, the national security a
voted for president obama by a wide margin but i think people feel the way most of america does and it needs fixing. >> geraldo: and thele denverly, people who used to be just automatic democrats seem not to be rallying to the president, bob. >> there is a huge amount of medicare that could get cut. they have a terrific program right now. in massachusetts, they have the closest to universal health coverage but a $9 billion deficit and the emergency room swamped now with people who have healthcare insurance. >> geraldo: when you come back you hall fresh voices involved in the acrimonious debate. former congressman j.c. watts joining us. sc kupp also joining us. we are live and at large in marthas it vineyard, waiting for bill and president obama. me again. okay, now this is the last time alright? thanks, you know we don't deliver anything like this. this crispy flatbread. mmmm. mmmmm! introducing the taste that's never been delivered. digiorno crispy flatbread pizza. it's not delivery, it's digiorno. that's a-- tiny netbook. yeah, it's-- good-looking, lightweight. generally aweso
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>>> good morning, america. finally, we have the documents. what police say happened to michael jackson. the gruesome time line. the shocking cocktail of potent drugs. and a report that it will be labeled homicide. >>> a dire swine flu warning. a presidential panel says half the u.s. population could get that flu. 90,000 people could die. what do we do now? >>> plaxico burress. from super bowl superstar to jail time. his first interview, here. >>> madoff's mistress. a 21-year affair. and she's telling all in a live interview this morning. >>> and defined a generation. "thirtysomething." the cast here, their first "thirtysomething." the cast here, their first reunion, 20 years later. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> we say good morning to you. welcome, again. i'm diane sawyer. robin is off on this tuesday, august 25th. after all of the speculation, after all of the talk, we have real information on michael jackson's death. >> one doctor says he took enough sedatives to knock down on elephant. the question, now, of course, will it rise to the level o homicide? abc's mike von fre
also get a lot of wrong information. the damage that it did to america's image in the world is something we're still on the way to repairing. >> reporter: senator mccain opposed to the interrogation methods but he says it's a serious mistake on open the investigation because it could harm c.i.a.'s effectiveness. dineian feinstein says she is horrified by what he shas learned but she thinks they should have waited to act on this until they complete their bipartisan review. >> gregg: let's continue the conversation on this rather controversial topic, by welcoming our congressional panel. congressman adams and a republican from tennessee. representative blackburn, could prosecutors closely examine these interrogations, they found no prosecute offenses and one they did prosecute. suddenly you have a political appointee in the in time of eric holder that is reversing the judgment of non-political appointee. does that smack of partisan politics? >> what it smacks of is a pilt of this entire process. when you know this review was made a decision was made. the one infraction was dea
of people being negative on the left and on the right and everybody saying this is the end of america as we know it. you're -- i home hopeful. you're hopeful, too. you think this reset, this fundamental reset is great for america in the long run. >> i do. it's happened before many times and taking a bit of the long view, not discounting the real pain that people feel when the moments happen and they're out of jobs but, yeah. i think it is time after a very long run in one direction to sort of sit down and get a little sane. >> a year ago i was complaining every day about the fact that we as a country had a 0% savings rate. or germany. germany had a 10% savings rate. did they -- while i was -- >> not yet. >> still wasn't. >> yeah. >> all right. i was hoping it would have kateri katerina vitt on our side. we're up to like 7%. we are healing ourselves. like you said, a lot of people in pain but in the long run may be a great, fundamental reset for america. >> the idea that you just can't have it all for nothing, that there is finally no such thing as a free lunch is a good thing to be whacked
. and that is really important, because we all know in america we do best when we listen. there aren't enough voices like ted's, and there's not one person who is able to bring that passion to bear. it's going to have to be all of us. i hope some on the other side as well of the aisle who will speak up when we know there are some folks not getting the attention that they deserve, whether they're disabled, veterans who are wounded, the poor, the children. it's really going to be a challenge for us. we have to step up. we have to do it. i think in his memory. >> the white house was saying yesterday that -- a colleague said when he first came to the senate as a freshman and ted kennedy brought him into the hide away tucked behind the senate press gallery and poured him a tumbler of scotch and introduced him to the old boy network. did ted kennedy reach out to young senators even the women among you and help you learn the ropes? >> the most exciting thing that happened to me when he first came to the senate in the early '90s is ted was running a bill on the floor to protect women who were trying to go t
a dunkin' donuts in space. from america's most dependable 3g network. bringing you the first and only wireless 4g network. get the palm pre. only from sprint. only on the now network. deaf, hard of hearing and people with speech disabilities access >>> tamron, there are so many things that could be considered news in this world. >> but there are opal a few stories that make tus say, no way! >> speaking of that, tamron, i can't get enough of this. check out this unbelievable video taken in the holy land in israel. tourists in the northern galilee region, not too far from the sea of galilee, three horses started galloping down the highway. here's where the story gets really wild. one of the horses tried to jump over a car and ended up smashing into the windshield while trying to climb over. the driver and horse suffered only minor injuries. >> why do you think the horse didn't move? >> that's place for miracles. >> what? >> the place of miracles. >> oh, because of walking on the water. you've been wanting to say walking on the water all day long. it reminds you of t
with windows and america's largest and most-reliable 3g network built in. only 199.99 with mobile broadband plans from 39.99 i am-- speechless, envious. wanna be me right now. getting one. >> brand new pictures just into fox news of a small plane crash in california. take a look. the f.a.a. says this pilot of the piper pa-42 radioed for help, saying that he'd run out of gas and needed to land. look where he ended up landing, he put the tiny plane down on highway 101 in santa barbara. the plane then struck by three cars that couldn't get out of the way in time. police say miraculously, the two people on the plane and three people in the cars were not hurt. the highway had to be shut down of course, as you can imagine, for a short time while that accident scene was cleared. wow, amazing pictures nasa managers meeting for a final review ahead of space shuttle launch. wanted to take you to a live look of the shuttle. the only outstanding issue is a failed power converter that was replaced last week. testing on the converter has reportedly gone well so far. forecasters say there is an 80% chanc
time this past week and why israel's security is crucial to our own safety right here in america. and christian contemporary stars point of grace will be here to perform a beautiful song about the relationships between fathers and daughters. well, you know, there have been some great moments in sports history when athletes guaranteed something. you remember the legendary story of babe ruth pointing towards center field, promising that he hit a home run. and he did. or when new york jets quarterback joe name mute stunned at super bowl three. it doesn't always work out like a story book. in the playoffs, patrick ewing guaranteed his team would beat the indiana pacers and keep the season alive. ewing missed his last six shots and the pacers won the game and the series. well, this week, president obama pointed his bat at the congress and he gave a presidential guarantee. . >> i guarantee you, joe, we are going to get health care reform done. >> well, the challenge for the president is that all this talk about reforming health care, or is it reforming health insurance? anyway, it's pr
it ? no. umm... but... paperweight mode. alright ! blackberry runs better on america's largest 3g network. and now get the new blackberry tour for only $199.99 >> julie: from america's news headquarters hello everyone, i'm julie banderas. we are awaiting a news conference held by the national transportation safety board which dispatched a team to investigate today's midair collision. the latest on their findings in this collision which happened this afternoon in new york. "fox news" containing exclusive pictures there on the right of your screen, at least nine people presumed dead in this crash after the small plane and a helicopter collided over the hudson river. york city's police commissioner said a helicopter pilot on the ground apparently tried to alert both aircraft. that morning not heard or did not reach them in time to avoid the accident. the helicopter was carrying five italian tourists. two people on board the plane, when a child. late word is two bodies have been recovered three more are located the wreckage. the continued search for the bodies canceled until tomorrow. >> mike
america's servicemen and women front and center speaking at the convention in phoenix and vowing more money and help for vets struggling to deal with life after combat. let's go to our senior white house correspondent, ed henry. what was the president's basic message to the vets? >> reporter: urging more patience in afghanistan, a war that has been going almost eight years, the president telling me that the fighting is fierce, that the u.s. will not defeat the tlaliban overnight. out here on the streets of the convention center, some of the groups that used to stalk president bush about the war in iraq are beating up on president obama, claiming he's escalated the war. interesting, as well, mr. obama defended his strategy by taking a page out of the bush playbook, and that's not sitting well with all veterans here. some say they want more details from this president about his strategy. >> this is not a war of choice. this is a war of necessity. those who attacked america on 9/11 are plotting to do so again. if left unchecked, the taliban insurgency are will mean an even larger safe ha
>>> good morning, america. this morning, flying the crowded skies. after the deadly midair collision over the hudson river, we ask, is there too much traffic in the air? we go live to the scene of the crash to investigate and to bring you the latest details. >>> typhoon. a massive storm slams asia toppling thousands of buildings and forcing 1 million people to evacuate. >>> the screaming fight over health care. >> coming out of my paycheck. >> new claims of reforms include a so-called death panel with the government telling you when to die. what's really going on? >>> and is this man paris jackson's biological father? the former child star says he could be and offers pictures of the former child star says he could be and offers pictures of his own daughter as proof. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good morning, everyone. alongside chris cuomo, i'm robin roberts. diane is off on this monday, august 10th. >> this midair collision that happened is starting to create a controversy. it was such a horrific accident that people are rushing in. they want to see action and change
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of other problems in the region were born. when america simply walked away once the votes withdraw. don't forget, there was a war under way in afghanistan at the time of 9/11. they were front lined active at that moment as the taliban were fighting other afghans. 9/11 obviously changed everything. the reason why the west is there is to answer a security threat being paved by the al qaeda organization in exporting terrorist attacks from its planning and strategic bases in afghanistan and in the tribal areas of pakistan. >> afghanistan has always been a country where it's a battleground of ideologies and unfortunately it's the after fan people who have to live through that battle. >> one narrative that i hear again and again, not only from afghans but also from pakistanis is, the abandonment they experienced after the withdrawal of the soviets and the withdrawal of u.s. aid to that region. after pumping in so much money and so many weapons, both of these super powers agreed to just stop, leaving huge numbers of armed militants, leaving a raging conflict, leaving millions and millions of r
bin laden warned in a videotape that blood would run through the streets of america, tom ridge claims in a new book that he was pressured to raise the color-code threat level on the eve of the 2004 election, but he refused. he wrote, "there is absolutely no support for that position within our department. i wondered, is this about security or politics?" this was perceived as a move that would help then-president bush. francis townsend flatly deny that. >> not only do not think it played politics, it was never discussed. >> for the region >> there was concern that if intelligent supported raising the threat -- the threat level, it might be to the detriment of president bush because people might perceive it being political. >> rich's language does not appear definitive. the allegations in clear, that donald rahm spelled -- rumsfeld wanted to use the color-coded threats system for political gain. in reference to the advice to americans to cover their homes in saran wrap secured by duct tape in the event of a biochemical attack, former justice department official said -- rich himself cont
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